Monday, March 2, 2015

A Fun Reunion

We totally surprised Amy.  Yes, she was happy to be in warm Arizona in February.  It's a difficult month for all of us as it is the second anniversary of Jake's death.  So we wanted her close so we could wrap our arms around her as we continue to deal with our loss.  But on to the surprise.  Erick drove to Los Angeles on Friday morning and picked up Carson and brought her back to Phoenix.  walked in and while Margaret & I and the twins were saying "Surprise", Amy didn't look up.  So we yelled it again and then she saw her daughter.

It was a priceless moment.  Hugs, laughter and tears.  If only I could make my daughter that happy every day.  It gave her a little respite from the pain of loss that is so much a part of her.

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